Sunday, May 12, 2013

Why I became a Prepper Daddy

Why are the Neighbors Calling Me Prepper Dad? 

Why would somebody like me - who would rather hire somebody else to mow the lawn - start to earn the nickname Prepper Daddy? I responded a bit to a series of articles on the web about one of the most famous prepper dads - Robert Kiyosaki. You may not recognize the name, but I'll be that you recognize his book's title: Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

Instead of worrying about how people can get rich he's urging folks to stock up on food and implements. When you get to the end of the post , you can watch a video to learn more about this guy's change of direction.

Am I Getting Ready For Doomsday?

Personally, unless that thing under Yellowstone decides to explode - I suspect the economy will not just collapse us back into the stone age. On the other hand, the natural world doesn't make us any promises - as is made obvious by climate change over the last few decades. This is not a political statement - but just a statement of fact. The North and South Poles are obviously losing ice, and this is affecting temperatures all over the world. I think change will happen gradually and not in a moment, but I think some sensible preparation, or prepping, is always prudent.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad Prepper Dad Video

Here's where Robert K. is getting prepared. If you also want to prepare for the worst, in a sort of sensible way, look into some frugal food storage tips in the preppers section of Frugal Pig. 

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